Students are welcome to travel to school by bicycle and use the designated bicycle store. The school cannot be held responsible for the security of any bicycle. Bicycles should be secured with a strong chain and padlock or a ‘D Block’.

We expect students to adhere to the Highway Code and cycle to and from school safely and responsibly or permission to cycle to school may be withdrawn. Parents are advised to ensure their children use appropriate safety equipment including a helmet, lights and high visibility clothing when required. Parents should also ensure that students’ bicycles are well maintained and safe to use, the school cannot take responsibility for checking the safety of bicycles.

Students should not cycle on school premises but dismount as they approach the entrance to the school and push their bicycle to the bicycle store.

School travel on Buses

The school does not issue bus passes, this is done by the Local Authority. Application forms can, however, be obtained from Student Services. If there is a concern or problem regarding a school bus, please ring the Passenger Support Team on 01225 713455.

Students who travel home by bus are supervised by staff on the ring road until the buses arrive. Once on the bus students are their parents’ responsibility. Sensible and safe behaviour is expected on the bus, any complaints from members of the public or the bus company about children’s behaviour will be passed to the parents. The County Transport Department have the power to exclude students from the bus if any student’s behaviour is inappropriate.

In the event of a school bus being delayed, students are expected to wait (whilst the school contact the bus operator and investigate the problem). Students waiting for a bus are not permitted to walk home or leave the school site.

Road Safety

At 3pm students should only leave school using the Front gates or the Postern Gate onto the Green. All Devizes School students are expected to cross roads with care, using pelican and pedestrian crossings properly whenever possible. The Nursteed Road gate will be open in the morning for students to use, but will not re-open until 3.15pm.

Visitors Parking on the Ring Road or on the School Site

Parents collecting their children by car are asked not to park on the double yellow lines, as this obstructs the bus stops. If the buses are unable to pull in, it creates a dangerous situation for children trying to board. Please arrange instead to collect students away from the school gates at this very busy time.

Please do not park on the drive into the school or on the pavements. This creates a health and safety risk for students and blocks the entrance for emergency vehicles. Parking spaces on the school site are limited and required for staff and visitors to the school. Parents are asked not to park on the school site when collecting children.

Counselling Services

We are pleased to offer an in-school counselling at Devizes School. The counselling service aims to build on the school’s pastoral provision by offering additional personal support to students who may benefit from the opportunity to work with a professional counsellor. This confidential service helps promote the psychological well-being of students, enabling them to make the most of the opportunities offered for their social and academic development. For further details [click here for a download of the Counselling Policy]

Emergency School Closures

If there is a need for an emergency closure of Devizes School e.g. through bad weather conditions, an announcement will be made as soon as possible on BBC Wiltshire and on Heart FM radio stations. An announcement will also be placed as soon as possible on the News Page of this website and a telephone message on the school’s telephone greeting.


The Governing Body of Devizes School has taken out a very comprehensive insurance policy. The cover provided is at least as comprehensive as that provided by Wiltshire Council.

Parents should note however that, as in the WC policy, there is no insurance for loss or damage to personal property. The school's insurers, Zurich Municipal, have offered cover for students at the rate of £9.45 per year per student. This covers 24 hours a day for the whole year NOT just for the time when students are in school. If you would like an application form, please contact, Mrs D Neate. Please be aware there must be a minimum of 12 students using the scheme for it to run. Insurance cover does not allow staff to accept responsibility for any item left by parents/students for collection - all items left are done so at the owner’s risk.

There is also no cover for damage to furniture and buildings caused by students either deliberately or accidentally. Parents of students causing damage, e.g. breaking windows or equipment, will be required to pay for the repair or replacement, whether this damage is caused deliberately or accidentally. The school’s insurance policy does not cover such damage.