Mr T Strickland - Global Studies Head of Faculty & Head of History

Mrs G Cummings - Deputy Head of Global Studies, Head of Philosophy & Ethics, Sociology, and Psychology

Mr A Hudson - Head of Geography

Introduction to Faculty

The Global Studies Faculty is comprised of the subjects Geography, Philosophy & Ethics, History, Sociology and Psychology. We prepare students to meet the needs of their world through knowledge of it. The subjects lend themselves to develop students to understand, question, discuss and form opinions about their world.

The national curriculum is made up of a number of subjects, each of which is split into separate topics.

Extracurricular Opportunities

The students are provided many opportunities to broaden their education through trips and Home Learning activities. Some of the notable opportunities are:

  • Year 10 WW1 Battlefields Trip
  • Water Week
  • Geography Field Trip to Nettlecombe Court Field Studies Centre
  • Geography Field Trip to Bristol
  • Hengistbury Head Geography Field trip
  • Year 7 Castles Project
  • Year 7 Industrial Transport Competition
  • Year 8 Volcano Project Competition
  • Year 8 Devizes Memorial Research Project
  • Sixth Form Visit to Krakow
  • Sixth Form Visit to Berlin

Global Studies Learning Journeys

The follow downloads are the Learning journeys for Geography, History and Philosophy & Ethics:

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