School Podcasts

On this page you'll find lots of 5 to 10 minute audio podcasts that explain aspects of school policies and daily life on site at Devizes School. The aim is to give you an accessible explanation of the 'why' behind our approach at Devizes School, and tackle some commonly asked questions. Please select a podcast below and click 'play' to learn more about what we do and why we believe it works.

Focus - explaining our school acronym that outlines how we pay attention to the teachers in class- it's "one word, five things", so 3-2-1 and…

Rewards - we believe students should be praised and celebrated when they're working with us and achieving excellence, so have a listen to how we do that.

Steps - we passionately believe in teaching good manners and courtesy to our students. Have a listen to this podcast to learn how we do this.

Refocus- our refocus room is designed to prioritise learning and support students in returning their mindset to one that is ready to learn. Click play to learn more.

Classroom routines - at Devizes School there is a 'house style' to many of our classroom basics. Find out more about what - and why - here.