Friday 1st March is National Allocation Day for students entering secondary school in September. 

On this long-anticipated day, secondary school place offers will be sent to parents and year 6 students via email. It’s a very exciting day that many will have been waiting for since the admissions deadline all the way back in October!

At Devizes, we’re very excited to warmly welcome enthusiastic young students into our school family. To help us prepare, and to guarantee their child’s place, we’d like to encourage parents and carers who have received an offer to accept as soon as they are able. The deadline to accept offers is 15th March, and the full details of how to accept your offer will be included in your offer confirmation.

The transition to secondary school is an important stage for every student. At Devizes, we give every child the support they need to make a success of the transition. 

If you’ve been offered a place at our school, please don’t forget to accept it before the deadline. 

We can’t wait to meet you in September!