The world wouldn’t be the same without books. That’s why this week, along with schools in more than 100 different countries worldwide, we’ve been celebrating World Book Day!

At Devizes School & Sixth Form College, we love to encourage our students to read. World Book Day is a fantastic opportunity to engage children with reading and share new books with our students. To make World Book Day as unforgettable as possible we hosted a range of fun activities throughout the whole week. These included: recreating a book cover, creating a drawing or painting linked to a book they have read this year; taking a photo of themselves reading to an animal or in an unusual place, or if they are up for the challenge they can bake a cake to show their favourite book/character.

We also hosted a tutor quiz! In this quiz faculties and SLT were given a letter each to make a word. Students then needed to find all the teachers to work out the different words.

Finally, we also welcomed some local primary schools on Monday and Tuesday. Whilst they were attending Devizes they competed in multiple World Book Day activities. It was a pleasure having them with us! When asked about their visit our Deputy Head of English, Mrs Robinson, had this to say " The activities have been a fantastic celebration of reading and books. It's been great to see all of our school community, and our future students from local primaries, getting involved in World Book Day".

Reading is not only important for learning but is also a wonderful hobby. Helping students become enthusiastic learners is a goal we forever strive towards at The White Horse Federation, and World Book Day is an important part of the journey.