On the 30th January, our Year 10’s took it upon themselves to experience what life is like after school.

The now employment experts had a full careers day where over 120 students took part in Microsoft Teams mock interviews with external business people. They completed employment application forms, wrote CV's, took part in a shortlisting task, and dressed each other up ready for their interviews.

The careers event was so successful that we ended up top of the leaderboard for the ‘Your Game Plan’ course in the whole country!

We received a couple of lovely emails after our careers day from students and parents we would like to share with you:

“Hello Mrs Edwards, thank you for the careers day. It was very exciting. During the interview Mrs/Miss Annette said she knew people at the police station and would contact them about their new work experience for me.”


Just a note to say well done on organising the careers day for Year 10s on Monday. That was quite some task, but good skills for the students to learn.

My son found it really useful and especially the interview practice with an external lady from the IT sector. Can you pass on my thanks to her too please.


Our Year 9’s also had their fair share of careers experience as they took part in an online project called Hi-Tech Horizons. Hi-Tech Horizons is all about careers in the tech sector with assistance from outside experts through Microsoft Teams.