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Year 9 Good Samaritans

11 June 2019
Year 9 Good Samaritans

On Monday 3rd June, year 9 students Konnor and Charlie came to the rescue of a lady who had fallen on the canal towpath near the Wharf in Devizes.

Patricia Joyner who was walking her dog had a very nasty fall and needed help. Both lads jumped to her aid, called for an ambulance and alerted her husband who was on a moored canal boat a short distance away.

School was alerted when an email from Mrs Joyner and her daughter was sent to Principal Phil Bevan.

Mrs Joyner said: ‘the two boys rushed to my aid. Konnor called an ambulance and then ran to tell my husband. He then waited on the canal bridge to guide the ambulance to me. Charlie meanwhile sat and talked to me. I am still in RUH hospital with both arms broken and a suspected knee fracture. Without the help of these wonderful boys I would have been there much longer. I would like you to know, they are a credit to their families and the school. My heartfelt thanks to them.’

Both were congratulated by Phil Bevan. He said: ‘we are immensely proud of Charlie and Konnor. They are modest and humble about what they did and just see it as something that anyone would do.’

School will be contacting both boys’ parents to praise them officially for their achievements.

They went above and beyond and are indeed a credit to our school.

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