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World Book Day: A Story of Success

13 March 2019
World Book Day: A Story of Success

Last Thursday, our teachers and students had a great time celebrating World Book Day. A lot of fun and exciting activities took place, with students being encouraged to explore the thrill and emotion that reading inspires.

The use of books has long been a crucial part of education. However, with the internet becoming an increasingly common learning resource, books are being marginalised. At Devizes School, we still recognise the importance of books in helping children to learn, develop, and express their creativity, and World Book Day was a great opportunity for us to help our students understand what reading has to offer.

To celebrate World Book Day 2019 and help students have fun with reading, we held activities throughout the week, showcasing the amazing books available for young people. Students engaged in a variety of activities, including making bookmarks, new book covers, and book trailers; taking part in a reading quiz; and completing crafting tasks.

The much-anticipated announcement of the Devizes School Book of the Year also took place last week, and was marked with a five-minute big read in the LRC followed by a slice of celebratory cake. The staff looked decadent for these events as they dressed up in some incredible costumes to celebrate book characters.

Phil Bevan, Principal, said: “I’m really delighted that so many staff engaged with World Book Day and the activities that took place throughout the week. We all had great fun but, most significantly, raised the profile of reading, which is so important for all students. At Devizes, students are already really engaging with reading more, and this just adds real value to what we do.”

Of course, our celebrations wouldn’t be complete without new books being available for students. We are grateful for the support of Devizes Books, who arranged the exclusive availability of the book Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans, which will not be published until April. Kathryn also captivated students in three writing workshops last Wednesday and truly inspired them to work on their own stories. Additionally, Devizes Books ordered the World Book Day books for students to purchase with their free £1 World Book Day tokens.

Although our students and teachers had a lot of fun last Thursday, all of our activities had an underlying message — reading is important. Helping students become lifelong learners is a key value of The White Horse Federation and its schools, and we want our World Book Day celebrations to have ignited a lifelong passion for reading within our students.

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