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Delivering an Excellent Secondary Education at Devizes School

27 February 2020
Delivering an Excellent Secondary Education at Devizes School

On 2nd March, all around the country, secondary school places are offered to parents and carers of children entering year 7 later this year.

Making the step up to secondary school is a crucial stage in your child’s development, and at Devizes School, we understand that every parent and carer wants the absolute best for their child.

That’s why we see it as a privilege to help every student who enters our school develop into an accomplished and assured young adult.

Every parent and carer offered a place at Devizes School can be confident that their child will be given all the support they need to be successful at secondary school and in the future. As stated in our most recent Ofsted report, Devizes School “is a welcoming, inclusive place where pupils learn to become tolerant, accepting young people”.

To ease the transition for students entering the school in year 7, we work with local primary schools to guarantee a strong link between key stage 2 and key stage 3 learning.

At Devizes, we deliver a broad curriculum that is tailored to our students’ needs. We also provide various support structures for students with different levels of ability. This ensures that no one is left behind, and that every student is academically challenged.

One important aspect of life at Devizes School is our positive behaviour policy. Through a consistent approach to maintaining acceptable levels of behaviour, we have successfully created an environment of disruption-free learning where all our students value their school experience.

The deadline to accept your offer to Devizes School is 16th March. To make sure your child is given the best possible chance of succeeding in secondary school, we encourage you to accept your offer as soon as possible.

For those parents and carers who did not receive an offer of a place at Devizes School, it is still possible to make an appeal before 16th March.

To all the new students starting at Devizes School in September, we can’t wait to welcome you into our school community.

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