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Staff and Opening Times


  • Mrs M Edmonds - LRC Manager
  • Mrs M Yates - LRC Assistant

The LRC opens at 8.00 and is open throughout the day until 4.00 on Monday to Thursday and at 3.15 on Friday.

Home Learning takes place between 3.00 and 4.00 on Mondays to Thursdays. A librarian is available to offer support and all the books, computers and other resources are here to give all students the opportunity to complete work on time and to a high standard.


The LRC forms a first-floor bridge between D and S blocks. It is accessed from D Block only.

The LRC is resourced with a large fiction collection and information books. Unless they are for reference only, all of these may be borrowed by students. Students with overdue books are not allowed to borrow more until they have returned any overdue books. All students are automatically enrolled in to the LRC on admission.

There are 10 computers and a printer, scanner and photocopier. These are to be used for school work only.

The LRC has daily national and weekly local newspapers available for any student to read.

Reading at Devizes School

All Year 7, 8 and 9 students are enrolled on the Accelerated Reader scheme. Students first take an online test to give them a reading range score. Students then choose one of the many books within that range to read. When they finish the book, they take an on line quiz which gives them a score as a percentage. This shows students how well they have read the book and guides them in their choice of the next book. If they forget their book, particularly at their fortnightly reading lesson they cannot participate fully in the reading lesson.

Parents and carers can help students by valuing reading themselves, prompt them to remember their books each day and encourage them to read at home.

We expect the following from all these students

  • Have your AR book in your bag every day
  • Read one book each term = 6 altogether
  • Quiz straight after finishing book
  • Get 80% on quiz to show you have read well
  • Read every day!

Research shows conclusively that daily reading is the most important for making progress across ALL subjects at school.

We ask students to pay for lost books so that we can buy replacements for others to enjoy too.

Students can find out for themselves if a book is an Accelerated Reader by clicking on to the link here.


During the year, the LRC may be used for different events during Reading Week in March, Remembrance in November or at other times as planned. The librarians plan a programme of changing displays to promote learning in a variety of subjects or to reflect seasonal themes.

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