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At Devizes School our curriculum is designed to underpin our school values of Courage, Pride, Resilience and our vision statement of Raising Aspirations and Building Futures.

Our curriculum intent statement:

The curriculum's aims at Devizes School are "Raising aspirations and building futures". This is achieved through a core curriculum that provides challenge for all students across a rich and broad range of subject areas and ensures student interests are developed and nurtured. Curriculum pathways provide opportunities for students to deepen their experiences in subjects where there is real passion and interest, whilst maintaining a broad and balanced offer for all.

The curriculum is carefully sequenced to ensure that key skills, knowledge and understanding are developed. Prior knowledge is used to build new learning and key aspects are revisited to enable students to retain knowledge and successfully apply this to new contexts. At each key stage the curriculum develops the key skills needed to be a successful learner, ensuring an effective transition to the next phase of learning.

We recognise the importance of developing students' literacy and oracy and this is supported through a school-wide reading program. The curriculum develops mature and rounded individuals and, alongside academic achievement, develops holistic skills and attitudes through an extensive range of extra curriculum activities and links with the community.

Key Stage 3 Overview

The curriculum in KS3 has some key guiding principles:

  • Recognise and build on the KS2 curriculum and therefore maximise learning in KS3.
  • Ensure students are adequately prepared for success in KS4 and beyond.
  • Ensure students are able to have the necessary skills to access the curriculum in KS4 and beyond, such as adequate levels on literacy, numeracy, independence, and extended writing.
  • Ensure the curriculum gives students opportunities for further engagement both inside and outside of school.
  • Ensure the needs of Devizes School students in the ever-changing world in which we live are continued to be met.
  • Ensure students in year 7 are supported in the transition from primary to secondary.
  • Ensure that PP students are supported to succeed in the curriculum.

This is achieved in a number of ways with a flexible support group formed for students with low levels of literacy. There are also flexible high ability groups which are formed around greater challenge and potential for the Ebacc route.

Year 9 Options Flow Chart Download
KS3 Curriculum Provision October 2021 Download

Key Stage 4 Overview

The KS4 curriculum is based on a number of guiding principles:

  • A core curriculum is provided which is essential for all students’ future success.
  • An optional element is provided which is personalised around every student.

Both of these principles give students solid foundations on which to progress to further study and future life.

KS4 Curriculum Provision Download
Current Year 9 Students Download
Current Year 10 Students Download

Changes to Qualifications

GCSEs and A-levels are being reformed into linear qualifications. For further details, including information specific to younger year groups, click the button below.

Qualification Reforms Download


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