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As part of our whole school focus Health and Wellbeing is very important. 

Pastorally and through the tutor group programme tutors are aware of support that they can point students that request it to through the VLE ‘My wellbeing’ section.  This provides information of where students can go to for help.  The Pastoral assistants are trained to provide support with many issues in more depth from bullying to mental health first aid. 

In PSHEe programme many issues to do with health and wellbeing are covered.  Focusing on healthy lifestyles, awareness of substances and their effects such as drugs and alcohol have physically, emotionally and mentally.  Mental health is focused on throughout the programme encouraging students to talk about many different issues from bereavement, divorce, eating disorders, depression and self-harm.  Preparation for a future working life is also covered and will be supported through the tutor programme this year as well.  Time is given for completing application forms and talking out future options post 16.

In PE and afterschool clubs we work to highlight the ’60 minutes a day of activity’ expectation, the guidelines for being active and healthy.  The students are spoken to and encouraged to think about their levels of activity and what they could do to ensure this goes across every day not just days with PE in it.  It is not always about how much sport a young person plays, it can be from travelling to and from school in an active way such as a brisk walk or on a bicycle.   Walking the dog or walking to and from the shops, playing with friends in the park afterschool all count towards the students being active.  We offer a wide range of free after school clubs that run from 3-4.45pm every day and can be used as part of an active healthy lifestyle.

We work with the Youth Sport Trust.  The Youth Sport Trust aim to work with all young people to give them a brighter future.  The trust have given us opportunities to develop the work we do across the school and get more students more active.  PE at KS4 has increased its range of activities to include more exercise focused activities such as Zumba and Boxercise. 

The new Activity Zone has been created this year, aiming to get more equipment available for any student to use at lunch time.  Table tennis has proved very popular and some of the other bits of equipment such as juggling and diablo require the students to develop their skills and confidence.   

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