Spelling Bee 2018


After an amazing week of spelling quizzes in the LRC, the 'Spelling Bee' event came to an end today. Over the course of the week tutor groups entered teams to challenge for the title. Monday saw winners 7MTT take the crown. Tuesday was the turn of 8DXR and Wednesday 9MXC were victorious.

Today (Friday) the finals took place and the atmosphere was tense. Alongside the winners from earlier in the week were two staff teams to challenge for the title. After a battle which took place over the lunch break it was announced that 8DXR were champions, beating both staff teams!


A great event which has now become an annual competition. Looking forward to Spelling Bee 2019 already!

Pictured 8DXR who are overall champions.


For more photos of these events please go to our twitter page @DevizesSchool.

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