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Head of Faculty: Mrs R Edwards                                                          

Deputy Head of Faculty: Mr T Woodman


Introduction to Faculty

The TED Faculty (Technology, Enterprise & Design) incorporates Business & Enterprise, ICT & Computing, and Design & Technology subjects.

We recognise the importance of encouraging the development of students as active learners and strive to enable them to be capable of competing successfully in the modern world.

Our lessons incorporate specialised subject skills linked to the real world and have a strong emphasis on enterprise capabilities so students can learn about living successfully as adults in their communities.

The TED Faculty uses specialist equipment and new technology is a key part of the lesson structures and we offer a fun and creative curriculum.

We also offer a range of enrichment activities via OSHL clubs, trips and visits to support learning in the classroom.


Extra-Curricular Opportunities


The TED Faculty offers a wide range of OSHL opportunities. Last year the D&T Department lead with clubs like Make and Create, Get Cooking and Techno Wizard. Business offered the Tenner Club, where students bid for a £10 investment to start their own business and see how much money they can earn in a month. ICT led the BBC School Report and also offered the I Can Animate club.

A series of successful curriculum linked trips and visits will hopefully be repeated this year to enforce learning that takes place in the classrooms. The faculty had a very successful visit to Thorpe Pak with Year 10 last year where students were able to learn about a range of topics linked to the subjects in the faculty, such as learning about product and rollercoaster design, Thorpe Park as a business and the ICT systems that underpin a large theme park.



Subject: Business

Subject Leader: Rachel Edwards


About the Department

Key Stage 3

There are no specific lessons for this subject at Key Stage 3 but there are links to business and enterprise in aspects of the work carried out in the other subjects taught at this level in the faculty.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 most students are able to opt to study BTEC Level 2 First Business

as part the Key Stage 4 option process at Devizes School.


Key Stage 5 - Sixth Form

At Key Stage 5 students are currently able to study BTEC Level 3 First Business in the department.


Other Sources of Information

Below are links to the current Key Stage 4 options booklet and 6th Form Prospectus which provide further information about each subject mentioned.


Key Stage 4 & 5

Courses Booklet Pathway 1 & 2 Options Booklet

Courses Booklet Pathway 3  Options Booklet


Sixth Form

6th Form Prospectus


Subject: Design and Technology

Subject Leader: Tim Woodman


About the Department

The Design & Technology department occupies six well-resourced rooms on a split site including the four main areas of study Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Resistant Materials and Graphic Products. The experienced staff are committed to developing the needs of individual pupils to adapt to the challenge of an ever evolving world.

In Design and Technology students are encouraged to combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. They learn to use current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments. They learn to analyse, think creatively and solve problems as individuals and members of a team taking on different roles and responsibilities. They use ICT including CAD and CAM as appropriate.

They undertake focused tasks that develop knowledge, skills and understanding and engage in design and make assignments in different contexts. All pupils will experience lessons in Resistant Materials, Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Graphic Products, Electronics Systems, and Control throughout KS3. At KS4 & 5 we offer a range of subject specific courses.


Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students learn about a wide range of topics and develop their skills and understanding of these whilst undertaking projects in different material areas. The students are all assessed against the following key criteria whilst completing the various projects taught.


Research and Analysis - Students' ability to carry out research and analyse their findings

Specification - Students' ability to create a set of criteria that their product must meet

Design and Develop - Students' ability to generate a range of ideas and test them out and improve them

Plan and Make - Student's ability to plan the making of their product and demonstrate their skills making it

Evaluate - Students' ability to evaluate their work and the work of others


Year 7

The Year 7 course covers the basics in designing and making and aims to help develop the students understanding and presentation skills. The students undertake the following nine-week modules.  All Year 7 teaching groups are mixed ability.

Resistant Materials - Introduction to the workshop and working with wood

Graphic Products - Researching, presentation and drawing techniques 

Food Technology - Basic food preparation and cooking skills 

Textiles Technology - An introduction into textiles and the sewing machine 



Resistant Materials - Pencil Box






Year 8

The Year 8 course builds on the work covered in Year 7 and introduces further areas of study.  The students undertake the following nine-week modules.  Year 8 teaching groups are all mixed ability classes.

Resistant Materials - Introduction into mechanisms

Electronics/Graphics - Introduction into Computer Graphics and Electronics

Food Technology - Looking at sauces

Textiles Technology - Developing textiles skills and looking at the environment


Textiles - Eco Bag






Year 9

The Year 9 course builds on the work covered in Year 8 and provides students with the opportunity to enhance their skills and understanding of Design and Technology and demonstrate their ability to tackle a range of tasks and projects.  Students are given the choice to study in two subject areas spending half a year in each area.  Within each area the students undertake the following modules.  Year 9 teaching groups are set according to their choices and are of mixed ability.

Resistant Materials - Clock and Lamp Projects

Electronics/Graphics - Film promotion project. DVD cover design and other promotional material

Food Technology - School meal project

Textiles Technology - Cushion Project


Food Technology - School Meal Project






Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 most students are able to opt fto study up to two Design and Technology based subjects as part of the Key Stage 4 option process at Devizes School.

Courses Booklet Pathway 1 & 2 Options Booklet

Courses Booklet Pathway 3  Options Booklet



GCSE D&T: Resistant Materials Technology

Resistant Materials is concerned with designing and manufacturing products using a range of ‘Resistant Materials’ such as wood, metal, plastics and ‘smart’ (new) materials. In this course students will develop their practical skills, understand how products are manufactured commercially, analyse existing products and investigate the properties of materials. In their controlled assessment, students will use the facilities to plan, investigate and manufacture a product that is commercially viable. 


Resistant Materials - Tool Box






GCSE D&T: Graphic Products

Graphic Products encourages students to be able to design and make graphic products with creativity and originality linked to the area of Graphic Design. They will learn how to use, understand and apply colour and design, to develop concepts, and to understand graphic materials and their use. In their controlled assessment, students will design and make products using a graphic media to solve one of the exam board project briefs. Students will have the opportunity to use the Design and Technology Computer Suite in T2 to enhance their products and design work using relevant software such and Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Macromedia software and 2D Design.




Graphic Products






GCSE D&T: Textiles Technology

Students will build on their KS3 skills, learn and practice new skills and techniques, expand on their knowledge and understanding of fibers and fabrics and execute a mini design and make project before advancing onto their GCSE Controlled Assessment focusing on Interior or Fashion design.


Textiles Technology











GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Students will use the skills and knowledge achieved at KS3 and develop their awareness of the area of Food and Nutrition further.


DT Food Technology







Key Stage 5 - Sixth Form


At Key Stage 5 students are currently only able to study the following subject in the department.

AS/A2 D&T Product Design – Resistant Materials or Graphic Products

The Product Design course allows students to study in either of two material areas – Resistant Materials and Graphic Products – and is an excellent pathway for students go on and further study design at college or university or straight into a design related career/apprenticeship. Either way the Product Design course could take students into a number of exciting career paths such as product or automotive design, architecture, teaching, animation, manufacturing, advertising or engineering.

The courses will help students develop a number of skills:


•       How to assemble data and assess it

•       How to investigate facts and use deduction

•       How to put over your point of view fluently

•       How to work as a team to achieve results

•       How to take responsibility for your own learning

•       How to apply creative thinking skills to solve problems

•       How to communicate ideas in different ways through the use of a range of techniques and medium.


Also part of the course students produce coursework projects in which they design, develop, and make a product.

Examples of products made:










Other Sources of Information

Below are links to the current Key Stage 4 options booklet and 6th Form Prospectus which provide further information about each subject mentioned.


6th Form Prospectus



Subject: ICT

Subject Leader: Rachel Edwards

About the Department

The ICT curriculum is based upon building important life skills which include working as part of a team and being able to communication successfully. ICT allows learners to improve their wider knowledge of ICT in the real world. Through a variety of different topics students learn to develop these skills and the ability to use ICT across the curriculum. 


Key Stage 3

Year 7

The year 7 course covers the important skills that learners require to use ICT equipment appropriately. The course helps to develop their understanding and enables them to be confident digital citizens when using the Internet as well as giving them a brief introduction to some of the software that they will use in the future.

Click here for further Y7 information


Year 8

The year 8 course builds on the foundations that are set in Year 7. In the Year 8 course learners are able to advance their knowledge skills in web design and programming whilst also being introduced to new topic areas such as audio and blogging which will become valuable in the future.

Click here for more Y8 information


Year 9

The course in Year 9 builds on work that has previously been learnt and focuses on producing high quality work and learning to store it appropriately through a digital portfolio. The Year 9 course encourages students to work independently through designing mobile APP’s and learning about the Online World. This also prepares those learners looking to take the Year 10 course.

Click here for more Y9 information


Key Stage 4 - ICT

The KS4 course is a Level 2 BTEC in Information and Creative Technology. Learners cover 4 units in total including the Online World, Digital Audio, Digital Portfolio and Mobile APP’s Development. This course strongly builds upon skills learnt in KS3 and allows learners to explore the world of ICT further to become more confident in their ICT skills. The Information and Creative Technology course has been designed by industry professionals and therefore prepares students with the skills that employers are looking for in the workplace. Learners get the opportunity to learn from people within the industry and experience the skills that are necessary within the ICT workplace. The course entails an exam in year 10 which is completed online and is all about the Online World.

Courses Booklet Pathway 1 & 2 Options Booklet

Courses Booklet Pathway 3  Options Booklet


Key Stage 5 - Sixth Form

Please see  6th Form Prospectus



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