Mathematics Faculty


Head of Faculty: Mr M Shadrick                                                

Deputy Head of Faculty: Mr G Gaynor



Introduction to Faculty

The Mathematics Faculty comprises of 9 teachers, and are housed in the A Block. We aim to teach students that while mathematics is undeniably an essential tool for young people leaving school, it can also be enjoyed for its own sake. We encourage problem solving, creativity and independent thought, as well as team work and sharing ideas.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

The Devizes Mathematics departments offers keen and talented mathematicians the opportunity to pit themselves against students at other schools, both locally and nationally within competitions organised by the UK Mathematics Trust*. Within individual and team competitions, students are given the chance to explore some more challenging areas of maths, and solve puzzles in a competitive but supportive environment.

For sixth form mathematicians, there is also the regular after school clinic, where students can bring homework problems to share with teachers or other students. We also encourage students of all year groups to seek support from their maths teachers during lunchtimes and after school.

*The UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) is a registered charity whose aim is to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics.


All students are set according to their ability, and these settings are reviewed regularly.



As well as the individual support provided by teachers, students also have access to, and All students have a username and password that allows them to access online tutorials and attempt practise questions on any areas of the curriculum they need extra support or practise. Students are strongly encouraged to use this outside of lessons to support their learning. Should they require any extra support in how to get the most from these resources, they should speak to their maths teacher, or see Mr Shadrick directly.


Key Stage 3:

Year 7, 8 and 9 have 9 lessons a fortnight.

Each class follow an adaptation of the “Kangaroo Maths” scheme of work, with the stage dependent on the level that the class is working at. Students are given regular assessments which test their ability to apply the skills they have learnt, as well as testing their deeper understanding to gauge the level to which they have mastered topics. Detailed feedback is provided following assessments to allow students to independently work on their areas of weakness.


Key Stage 4

All students have 8 lessons a fortnight.

Students follow the Edexcel GCSE syllabus, and will be assessed at the end of the course through three 1 ½ hour exams, of which two require the use of a calculator.

They will sit their GCSE exams at either foundation level (grades 5-1) or Higher level (grades 9-4).

Details of the content taught within the maths GCSE can be found here.

KS4 Options Personalised Pathway 2018-2020


Sixth Form Prospectus



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