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Head of Faculty: Mrs R Squire

Deputy Head of Faculty: Mrs R Robinson and Miss M Luscombe

Head of Film Studies: Mrs R Robinson and Mr M Leigh



Introduction to Faculty

Living life through Language and Literature!

English Subject Leader: Mrs R Squire

A student centred Faculty, we offer a diverse range of study topics to develop students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, underpinned by strong spelling, punctuation and grammar teaching. We use a diverse range of engaging and challenging texts for students to study and improve their communication skills through. Students enjoy their studies with us and are encouraged to reach their potential.


Extra Curricular Opportunities

The Language and Literature Faculty offer many opportunities for students to enrich their classroom learning. Theatre troops visit and perform plays like Shakespeare's 'Othello'. Students visit the Globe Theatre and see top poets perform at Poetry Live! Events; we are also planning a Year 7 trip to the Harry Potter Warner Bros studio as part of our KS2/KS3 transition unit. Creative writing is encouraged and students get the chance to be reporters for the day at the BBC news report annual event. Authors frequently visit and we also offer a well-attended Debate Club. World Book Day sees the English staff and some students dress up as their favourite literary characters. We also participate in an annual Readathon to raise money for charity.


Key Stage 3

As well as working on their literacy skills, including spelling, punctuation and grammar, students study a varied and exciting course with a strong focus on challenge and the development of cultural capital. A new more rigorous curriculum will be delivered from September 2016, incorporating a range of challenging texts to prepare students for the demands of the new GCSE specifications.


Year 7 - Units include: KS2/KS3 Transition Unit: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Shakespeare, Dystopian Fiction, A Christmas Carol, Creative writing, Exam preparation


Year 8 - Units include: Holocaust Literature, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time – The Play, Shakespeare, Mystery Stories, Exam preparation

Year 9 – Foundation GCSE Year. Units include: Gothic Literature, American Literature, Modern Play, Shakespeare, Exam preparation


Key Stage 4


We follow the new AQA GCSE specifications, with courses offered in English Language and English Literature. The new specifications are now assessed through 100% external examinations. There is also a spoken assessment where students are required to give a presentation which is recorded for AQA. This can be on a topic of their choice and is an opportunity for independent research.

Students’ written accuracy, speaking and reading skills are developed through the course and spelling, punctuation and grammar are assessed skills for both language and literature. The full specifications can be accessed through the following links:


GCSE English Language:

GCSE English Literature:

Courses Booklet Pathway 1 & 2 Options Booklet

Courses Booklet Pathway 3  Options Booklet


Sixth Form

The Language and Literature Faculty offer three popular and successful A Levels and from 2017 will be fully linear with exams being taken at the end of the two year course. 2016 will be the last year that we offer the AS, in common with most other schools as a result of curriculum changes. We follow the OCR A level specifications for Key Stage 5 English Language and English Literature and the WJEC (Eduqas) specification for Film Studies. The courses we offer are below, along with links to the specifications:


AS/A2 English Language:

AS/A2 English Literature:

AS/A2 Film Studies:

6th Form Prospectus


Subject:   Modern Foreign Languages


Subject Leader:  Mr Peter Ross


 Key Stage 3

Across Key Stage 3 students are expected to use an increasing variety of vocabulary with lots of reinforcement of grammatical structures in a large variety of different activities

Year 7 – All students study French - Basics of language and how to use a dictionary, followed by a variety of topics including personal introductions, family, descriptions, describing a holiday in France

Year 8 – Most students continue to study French – topics include school, work, leisure, daily routine, house and home

Our most able linguists will study Spanish for 2 terms (basics, personal introductions etc.) followed by 2 terms of French, followed by 2 terms of Spanish. The aim of this is to allow students access to both languages with the possibility of starting a GCSE in one or other of the languages early.

Year 9 – Students will have the option of studying Spanish or French, continuing to study a variety of topics in preparation for GCSE

Our most able students will be invited to start a GCSE in one or other of the languages early to be completed at the end of year 10.



Key Stage 4

Languages at GCSE are optional. We follow the AQA GCSE syllabus. The contexts covered are Work and Education, Lifestyle, Leisure, Home and environment. Assessment is based on Controlled Assessments (60%, writing and speaking) and 40% end of course examination (listening and reading)

Courses Booklet Pathway 1 & 2 Options Booklet

Courses Booklet Pathway 3  Options Booklet


Sixth Form

We follow the AQA syllabus for A Levels, offered in both French and Spanish. The course covers most of the topics from GCSE but in much greater depth with a high emphasis placed on conversation and unprepared dialogue.

6th Form Prospectus





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