Governors are charged with the responsibility to support and challenge the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team to run the school effectively and continue to improve it.

The governors meet as a board of governors six times a year. They are organised into committees that also meet six times a year and two further panels as necessary throughout the year.

The governors committees are:

  • Oversight  – Chair, Mr P Moorcroft
  • Teaching & Curriculum  – Chair Mrs M Askey
  • Student & Staff Wellbeing  - Chair, Mr K Rose
  • Performance & Standards - Chair, Mrs M Flynn
  • Disciplinary panel (as required)
  • Appeals panel (as required)

Parent Governors - Mrs S Easton, Mrs M Askey, Mrs M Flynn,  Mrs J Edwards, 

Appointed Governors - Mr P Moorcroft (Chair), Mr P Mackie, Mr K Rose (Vice-Chair), Mrs C Kelly,  Mr C Barker, Mr G Jefferies,  Mr D Bousfield.

Staff Governors  Mr I Mullings, Mr P Bevan (Headteacher), Mrs V Mackay.


Faculty Links

English                                                               Mrs Kelly

Science                                                              Mr P Moorcroft

Mathematics                                                      Mr K Rose, Mr G Jefferies

Global Studies                                                   Mrs M Flynn

Technology, Enterprise & Design (TED)            Mr Moorcroft

Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA)                   Mr K Rose

PE & Health                                                       Mrs M Askey

Specialised Learning                                         Mr K Rose

MFL                                                                   Mrs S Easton

6th Form                                                            Mrs Edwards


Special Needs                                                   Mr Rose

Safeguarding and Child Protection                   Mr Rose

Careers                                                             Mr Moorcroft



Register of Interests and Attendance

WHF Accounts

Contact with Governors
Contact with the governors is via the Clerk to Governors, Mrs G Wheeler.
Tel. 01380 724886


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