Aims & Values


Aims & Values                                                           


Our school aims are summarised by the strapline that is written into our school logo, 'Raising Aspirations, Building Futures.' We encourage all our students to aim high in their lives and to build their own futures by working hard and being the best they can be.


The CORE principle


The CORE principle is used across the school to engender and encourage students' involvement in the persuance of excellent progress and performance.

The CORE principle is promoted in lessons, tutor sessions, assemblies, posters and displays and day-to-day activities around the school.

  • Commitment                                                                                         

  • Ownership

  • Responsibility

  • Excellence



This is the first requirement in the pursuance of excellence. Everybody in the process must demonstrate 100% commitment to the process of learning.


It is essential that everyone feels that they have an equal stake in the success of the learning process. Students' opinions and ideas are sought, valued and appreciated.  Lessons need to be led as much by the students as the teachers.


The success of the learning process is the responsibility of the teacher and the students.  Students have the responsibility to themselves and to their peers for helping to make the learning process a successful one.


Excellence is what we are all striving for; to be the best that we can be.  This is the goal for the teachers as well as the students.


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